A Weekend with Harvey & How to Help

Texas made the front page of the Sunday New York Times last week. That never happens, unless the governor is running for president and can’t remember the name of the department he now heads, or we’ve peaked as the top state without healthcare.

In this case, Hurricane Harvey destroyed the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Hundreds of thousands have evacuated and relocated, lives have been lost, and everyone is scrambling to find a gas station that hasn’t yet run out of gas.

Harvey evacuees are just now preparing to return home, where they will discover if their homes have been flooded. Here in Austin, we’re getting ready to take in over 6,000 people whose homes have been destroyed. The compassion and immediate willingness to help all over the country has been heartwarming during the storm.

I’ve cross-referenced several lists floating around. Here are some ways to help, using your time, resources, dollars, etc…




Also, spread the word!